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Horseshue Miniatures

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Horseshue Miniatures
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How We Got Started

We started our "mini" venture in 2003 when we purchased our first two miniature horses. We purchased a stallion & a mare with plans to breed the two, to just get one foal and keep all 3, well as they say miniatures are very "addicting" and you can't just own 1! So we kept adding on little by little, and we are always buying new mares & stallions to add on to our herd, to produce the best quality miniatures.
Owner of Horseshue Miniatures is Vicki & Robert Shue. Vicki has had horses all of her life, and use to raise AQHA horses, and show at AQHA shows. She fell in love with the miniatures, and sold out of AQHA horses, now spends her time with the mini's any chance she gets. Vicki takes care of the foaling out of the mares. And daily chores.
Kayla, is the daughter of Vicki & Robert. She as well grew up with the AQHA horses, trained and showed AQHA horses. She normally takes care of the marketing, and selling of the mini's, as well as barn manager and possibly training. Along with daily chores.
We are nesteled on 3 acres of country land, our barn currently consists of nicely venalated 12X12 stalls fully finished wood barn, daily turn out, dry lot and grass lot, with many different pastures. A huge riding/driving arena (use to be for the AQHA horses), and a 60ft round pen. The stallions have there own run in sheds, and nice mesh fence paddocks. We are fully equiped with a  foaling camera system, to keep close eye on the mares. Mares & Foals have a safe surrounding when being outside, in nice snow fence pasture, so foal canno't get under the fence, or through the fence, Each pasture is situated with dry & grass with at least 1 run in shed.

What we breed for

We are breeding for, quality conformed miniature horses, specializing in overo & tovero. Our miniatures are always normally double registered AMHA & AMHR but if they are what we are looking for, we will look past that if they are only AMHR or only AMHA but we will not get over 34", maybe sometime in the future we will also add on an over herd. We strive for well known bloodlines, with some of the most well known names, such has Reeces Thunder Hawk, NFC Fire & Ice,  Modern, Lucky Four, Buckeroo & many more to come in the future. We choose the perfect crosses between what we own currently for only have a few select foals each year.
What we like to see in our miniatures
*Pretty Heads
*Big Doe eyes
*Tipy ears
*Long Hooky necks
*Nice top lines
*High Tail Sets
*Straight Legs & Correct Bite
*Overo & Tovero on top of the above
(many of our foals have these wonderful qualities)

What we plan to do

In the near future, we plan to start showing AMHR . Later possibly moving into the AMHA show ring as well. We are planning to show National Calibur horses, in halter & Driving. And later hope we can produce National quality foals, that will excel in the show ring!
Possibly opening up a training & showing facility of our own, after a few years out there.

Horseshue Miniatures * Port Leyden * New York* 13433
* Kayla
Cell: (315)617-2912 *Kayla