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Horseshue Miniatures

Horseshue Miniatures
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Mini Bucks Skeeter by T TLC
Vicki's Mare
33' AMHA AMHR Black Tovero Mare
Carries Splash
Skeeter was chosen for our breeding program because of her refined conformation. Skeeter has a beautiful head, and long elegant neck. She has a great top line, nice straight legs, and a perfect bite. On top of all of that, skeeter has the most beautiful trot!! Then add her color onto that. We are pleased to have Skeeter in our broodmare band. We have been very pleased with the foals we have seen of hers, and know she will throw us some awesome babies!! And she carries some of the greatest bloodlines, Flying W Farms!
Being close to foaling, Skeeter cant leave until after she foals!

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L & D'S Sweet Creme Puff
Vicki's Mare
34' AMHR Minimal Tovero Palomino Mare
Sweetie is a beautiful, Palomino minimal tovero mare. We had her tested by Animal Genetics, for Red Factor (ee), Agouti (Aa), Silver (nn), and tobiano (nT). She has produced outstanding, colorful uniqued marked foals for us thus far, when bred to solids. Her foals carry a high head, with beautiful movement!! Sweetie has nice straight legs, an even bite and kind eyes. She has a nice top line with a high tail set! 
Being close to foaling Sweetie cant leave until after foaling!

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